How to be a Prepared Customer

In the middle of upheaval, home services still go on. Even if you don’t plan any remodeling or updates, you might still need a plumber or electrician in your home. Fortunately, a few steps can help ensure a smooth transaction.

The most important thing you can do to prevent illness and to ensure the well-being of everyone around you is limit physical contact. Technology provides many tools to ease this process. We’re encouraging both homeowners and Pros to use these methods.

  • Connect digitally: Use alternatives to in-person meetings to connect with Pros. You can research and hire with a few taps of your phone using the Angie’s List app. And you can use video calls, phone, email or direct message to discuss project details and share photos and project visuals.
  • Plan ahead: Combine projects into one visit, especially for essential work. If your plumber is coming out to fix a leaking toilet, make a note of all the other plumbing jobs you’ve been thinking about and talk to them before their visit. Getting related projects done all at once makes the best use of a Pro’s time and minimizes the number of contacts.
  • Go cashless: You don’t need to physically handle checks, credit cards or cash if you use one of the numerous digital payment apps on the market. Ask your contractor what methods they accept.
  • Establish safety protocols: Ask your contractor how they plan to avoid contaminating your home. They should have no problem wearing gloves and booties. It’s reasonable to ask them to carry their own hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and towel as well.
  • Keep an eye to the future: As long as you’re home for a while, take some time to think about the long term. Now’s a good time to take measurements, consult with Pros and plan and budget for future projects.
  • Be patient and kind: We’re all in this together. Remember that your Pro is dealing with the same daily pressures in this situation as you are, and they have to enter numerous houses a day in this context. Plus, they may be very busy and operating shorthanded.
Author: pcainbroker

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